• Q: Why does it cost more to play songs from the app?

    A: The credits you purchase from the AMI BarLink app function differently than plain old jukebox credits. These credits work hard AND smart. While regular credits have to be used immediately, BarLink credits are tied to your account and can be used at another location or on another day, for up to two years.

    We recently added the ability to earn bonus credits through in-app purchases. The more songs you purchase from AMI BarLink at your favorite location, the more bonus credits you can earn! (PS: AMI BarLink bonus credits are only valid at the location where they were earned.)

  • Q: Does my “wallet” money need to be spent in one location?

    A: Nope. That money stays with your account and it goes wherever you go. Take it to another bar, out to dinner, or on a fancy vacation. You can use your credits anywhere there’s a connected AMI jukebox.

  • Q: Is my information being given out, or is it only used for this purpose?

    A:: We know that people take their online privacy seriously in this day and age, so your personal information will only be used for the AMI BarLink app. Promise!

  • Q: Am I able to view my previous purchases?

    A:Yes. Go to your Account Information page by touching the Profile button in the upper right corner of the screen. Then touch “View Transactions”. This is where you will be able to see how much of your life savings you’ve spent (and what songs you’ve spent it on).

  • Q: I am unable to see any “Nearby Locations”. Why?

    A:Please check to make sure that:

    1. Location services on your smartphone are enabled, and that you have a Wi-Fi or cellular signal. (You can’t find us if we can’t find you!)
    2. If you are using an iPod, you need to have a Wi-Fi connection.

    If you’re all good connection-wise, then it’s possible that your favorite location hasn’t turned on the AMI BarLink functionality. The bartender is usually a good first line of defense for this. They want you coming back, and they’ll pass the word to the jukebox operator.

  • Q: I purchased a song and I didn’t hear it play. What happened?

    A:It’s possible that one of these things happened:

    1. An error occurred in our system and your song didn’t play. We stay on top of these things, and we will credit your account within 24 hours. There is no need to contact us, we’re already working on it.
    2. Please make sure you are checked into the correct location before selecting music. It’s possible that you checked into the biker bar down the street and they are unwittingly being serenaded by that Spice Girls song you were dying to hear.
    3. The jukebox could have many songs in its queue. If it’s a particularly busy night, we suggest using Priority Play to jump the line and hear your songs next.
  • Q: Why does my location say “Jukebox Unavailable” when I can see that it is on?

    A:This can happen on occasion if there is an issue with communication between the jukebox and our server. Long distance relationships can be difficult! It’s usually just a temporary issue that fixes itself after a while.

  • Q: My song only played for 2 seconds and I was still charged. What’s going on?

    A:Each jukebox comes with a remote control that is usually stored behind the bar. This remote is primarily provided so that bartenders or restaurant managers have the option of raising or lowering the volume, but it also allows them to “skip” selected songs. If the jukebox is playing normally, and your song is suddenly canceled in the middle of play, be sure to ask a bartender or the wait staff.